• Brain-Eating Amoeba- A potential threat to mankind?

    Brain-eating amoeba has been drastically affecting people all over the world, especially in America. Every year, people die from it. It usually affects healthy, young people. What is brain-eating Amoeba? Generally, Amoebas are single celled organisms. Brain eating Amoeba which is known as “Naeglaria fowleri” was discovered in 1965. It was first discovered in Australia but it evolved in USA…

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  • Challenges regarding survival of probiotics in the stomach acid and common solutions.

    We are all familiar with different probiotic containing foods such as yogurt. Probiotic organisms mainly represent the vast number of beneficial bacteria or yeast species that naturally live within our body. In fact, we have nearly trillion microbes on and inside our body ((Probiotics: What is it, Benefits, Side Effects, Food & Types, 2020)).  These beneficial microbes often balance our…

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