• PCOS: Female Reproductive Hormonal Disorder

    Menstruation is a necessary procedure of the female reproductive system. It’s a monthly event where the female body discharges menstrual blood and tissues from the uterus through the vagina. During the monthly menstrual cycle, which is around 28 days, a female body goes through hormonal (estrogen and progesterone) fluctuation. The body prepares itself for the stage of pregnancy.  Picture source:…

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  • Noel Rose’s contribution in the demonstration of autoimmunity

    A very basic aspect of immunology includes the ability of the body’s immune cells to differentiate between self and non-self. Based on this phenomenon, our body is capable of identifying foreign bodies that invade our system and elect immune responses against them. Although this is true and evident in the majority of the cases, certain different cases are also evident.…

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  • Are anxiety attacks actually a normal matter?

    Human life has been running in a fast pace with little room left for emotions. Often either we do not have time or we do not opt to listen to another person share their feelings regarding a matter which troubles them the most. Is that the best way to go? Or are we turning into such materialistic beings pushing each…

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  • Natural Antibiotics: A natural way to combat infection

    Antibiotics are substances that are used to treat bacterial infection by inhibiting bacterial growth or by killing bacteria. These antibiotics are normally produced by the chemical agents or compounds. But have you ever heard about natural antibiotics?  Natural antibiotics are those antibiotics that are found directly in nature. Sometimes, we have to purify them to extract our desired product. We…

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  • Vaccine: A permanent solution against viral and bacterial diseases (Part-1)

    There are mainly two types of diseases-Communicable and non-communicable diseases. Communicable diseases are bacterial or viral diseases. Communicable diseases are the most dangerous diseases for human beings. There is much treatment invented to prevent communicable diseases but the vaccine is the most important and useful discovery. What is a vaccine?  A vaccine is a substance which is made by any…

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