• Dark DNA: The Hidden Treasure of Nature

    Recently, mysterious topic has appeared in front of biologists, and that is Dark DNA. Dark DNA is defined as the large regions of DNA that are missing from a genome assembly. The genes are hidden but present as the mRNAs corresponding to these genes can be identified. Adam Greff and his colleagues were researching sand rats (Psammomys obesus) to understand…

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  • Gossiping Around Fermentation- A Controversy among Scientists

    Fermentation is a technique that has been mastered by the human for a long time. It is a process where microbes produce enzymes that can change the chemical composition of organic substances to make products at our sweet will. We can find fermentation in every culture, every legend. People have been using this process or we can say using microbes…

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  • CRISPR Cas systems: Triumphs and Troubles

    CRISPR/Cas systems are bacterial immune systems that can be manipulated to revolutionize the medical field or even engineer human embryos to meet the specifications we want them to have. Theoretically, using CRISPR-Cas systems, we can add angel-wings or devil-horns to human embryos.  CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. Basically, these are gene sequences that bacteria acquire from…

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  • Can humans have two different sets of DNA!

    Figure 1: chimera humans Do we often witness and see such kind of image on the internet and asked ourselves how does it happen and what could be the reason behind it? Well! We will explain the reason behind it.   Genetic chimera is a phenomenon where an organism or tissue contains minimum two different sets of DNA. The name chimera…

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  • Bionic Eye -Hope to the blind people

    Have we ever wondered what life is like for people who don’t see it with their eyes? Their lives are not like ordinary people. They have to face difficulties in almost all the steps of their life. Is there any possibility to make their life colourful? Given the current situation, the answer would be yes. There is a hope for…

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